Birth Trauma

When we think about trauma and PTSD, we often think of our veterans returning from war not women returning from the hospital following the birth of their baby!  In fact, 1 in 3 women would describe some part of their birth as traumatic and this can have a devastating effect on their mental and physical health as well as their relationships. 

It is not just the birthing person themselves that can feel trauma after birth, but their birthing partners too after witnessing events unfold and perhaps feeling powerless to help.


The message that parents are often given is “well at least you have got a healthy baby” but I argue that is not enough – YOU matter too, and your birth experience matters.

I can help you towards trauma resolution using the 3 Step Rewind process and sometimes with the addition of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  The 3 Step Rewind process has proved to be an effective “pattern interrupt” used specifically with phobias and in the trauma resolution process.

The technique involves a conversational debrief, relaxation, development of well-formed outcomes and future pacing as well as the Rewind process itself.  The combination of processes is used to make changes and reduce distress around traumatic memories.  It is possible to begin to move on and stop the pattern of replaying the birth in your mind.  You can let go of any guilt, self-blame, and confusion.  YOU matter too.

The process usually takes place over 3 sessions and can be performed face-to-face or over Zoom (each with equally effective outcomes). 

The cost for all 3 sessions is £120.

Contact me to arrange a free no obligation phone call to discuss your needs and book your first 3 Step Rewind session.