Postnatal Doula Support


As a mother of 3, I know how challenging the postnatal period can be whether this is your first, second, third or subsequent baby.  My mum was my postnatal doula (although I didn't know that was what she was!) for my first 2 children - an absolute Godsend when my husband went back to work. Unfortunately, when I had my 3rd child she was terminally ill.  The difference in my postnatal experience was vast.  

With more and more of us living in different areas of the country to our friends and family, not everyone has that support network around them that we would have had years ago.  I do not want anyone to feel the isolation and desperation that I felt in those early weeks.  You have got this!

Some of the ways that I can help you postnatally:

  • Breastfeeding support & getting feeding established
  • Bottle feeding support - non judgemental help if you are unable to breast/chest feed or choose not to
  • Baby massage and all the benefits for baby & caregiver
  • Babywearing advice and carrier loans
  • Birth debriefing and help to process traumatic memories
  • Companionship and company - in the doula world we call this 'intellegent tea drinking' and the value of simply being able to talk & be listened to should never be underestimated
  • Listen 
  • Look after older children so that you can spend time getting to know your new baby
  • Prepare light meals, drinks and snacks for you and your family
  • Sleep - OK I cannot give you sleep (I would be a millionaire if I could!) but I can take the baby for a walk and entertain them while you have a nap or even help for a whole night if needed


My services are about you, with you and for you which means that they are completely bespoke to what you need.

I charge an hourly rate of £30 / hour (includes all of my travel and expenses). Minimum 2 hours.

As a mother of 3 children, I know how challenging the postnatal period can be and the value of non-judgemental support from someone who really cares.

I would love to support you & your family in whatever way you need so that you can enjoy your new baby & smash parenthood!!

Victoria Gordon

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Support