Infant Feeding Support

Feeding your baby is a massive part of how you spend their first year!  It can be beautiful, it can be challenging, it can be emotive and it can raise soooooo many questions and concerns.  As an accredited Infant Feeding Coach I can work with you and support you to:

  • Identify what is important to you
  • Help you antenatally to prepare for success and create a feeding plan to get you off to the best start
  • Offer information, make suggestions and discuss options if you are experiencing challenges with feeding your baby
  • Cheerlead for you, encourage you and support you unconditionally

Non-Judgemental Support

There is no disputing the benefits of human milk for human babies and of breastfeeding itself.  Breastfeeding is much more than a method of feedng and Breastmilk is murch more than food.

HOWEVER, I will support you - practically and emotionally, no matter how you choose to feed your baby and can give you the evidence and tips to help you breast feed, formula feed or mix feed effectively. There is already too much judgement in parenthood!

What I offer:

  • One to One antenatal support exploring your feeding options and planning for success no matter how you choose to feed.  Up to 3 hours coaching plus 1 post natal visit to support and and answer any questions that may arise. £150
  • One to One infant feeding support postnatally from getting feeding established, help with positioning & attachment and trouble shooting challenges. £40 per hour
  • Group antenatal workshops to prepare for successful feeding. Click here for more information.
  • Breastfeeding Cafe - Free drop in sessions at The Village, Stratford upon Avon (1pm - 2.30pm on Tuesdays and Fridays, subject to availability).


Contact me to book one-to-one support or find out more about the support I offer