Birth Doula Packages

My Birth Doula packages are completely tailored to you and your needs, the packages below show what can be included.  We will work together so that you receive everything that you need to feel completely prepared & supported for your birth, baby and beyond!

Any of my services can be added at a discounted rate. For example, you may have had a traumatic birth previously and benefit from going through the 3-Step Rewind process before beginning to prepare for your new arrival in order to process anything that you do not want to bring with you on this journey - this can be added for £100 (usually £120).

Standard Birth Package

  • I am available for you from the moment you confirm that you would like me to be your doula. You can contact me by phone, message, or email whenever you need to.  My role is to support you every step of the way.
  • We will meet face to face at least twice antenatally. This will allow us to get to know one another, to explore your birth options and for you to feel completely prepared and excited about your birth.
  • You can be reassured that I will be there for the birth. I will be on call for you alone from around 37 weeks until your baby is born.  You will know how and when to contact me.
  • Throughout your birth, you can feel comfortable with someone with you that you (and your partner) have built a relationship with. A friendly and calming person who knows your birth preferences and can advocate for you as needed.
  • After the birth I will not leave you until you are settled, and my support does not end there. You will be able to contact me by phone, message or email for up to 6 weeks for any questions, support or reassurance.
  • I will visit you after the birth within the first 2 weeks. I would love to see you all again and reflect on your birth experience. 


Price:  £1000

Enhanced Birth Package

Standard Birth Doula Package + Complete Hypnobirthing Course & Resources + Additional antenatal and postnatal visits for more support before & after birth

Everything that is included in the Standard Birth Doula Package is included here as well as a complete antenatal hypnobirthing course (delivered 1:1 over 4 sessions) and a 2 x 3 hour  postnatal visits within the first 6 weeks, to support you; perhaps once your partner returns to work?

If you would like me to attend any hospital or other antenatal appointments with you, I can attend these with you within this package.

Hypnobirthing has so many benefits that can support you before, during and after your birth.  Practical ways to stay calm, relaxed and in control.  The course will enable you to look forward to the birth of your baby and have the confidence that you can have a positive experience no matter what twists and turns you encounter.  You will be given a hypnobirthing manual and access to hundreds of resources from MP3s to positive birth videos.

  • Feel completely prepared and supported before, during and after your birth!


Price:  £1500

I would love to meet you and work with you during your pregnancy, birth and beyond.  It is such a special time and can also be a time with lots of questions.  I am here for you and with you in whatever capacity you need.  Although I am a nurse by background, as a doula I do not work in a medical capacity.

 I am currently a mentored doula with Doula UK:  "A Mentored Doula has completed a Doula UK approved Preparation Course and is involved in Doula UK's Recognition Process. This means that they have a Mentor providing support and supervision within a framework for reflective practice"

My current fees reflect this and will soon increase in line with other recognised doulas.  (You will pay the fee agreed at the beginning of our relationship, it would never increase during my period of support).

Victoria Gordon

Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Support